Say hello to The Black Arms SDX DevKit The Golden Standard in VRChat development.

We provide you with the best addon to any development kit you have, even if its just the official VRCSDK or a modded VRCSDK our DevKit provides you all the tools you could need when developing your avatars and worlds.


The Best There Is

It doesn't matter how its done, It only matters that the product functions, We make this a priority.


We ensure that our DevKit is compatible with any VRCSDK you could ever want.


One of the few DevKits to support colorable UIs and hackable ones if you know how to.


The DevKit gets regular updates and doesn't require you to have a specific VRCSDK version.


Forget about rushing out the product, We ensure quality of quantity.


Always ready for whats ahead, There is nothing that can slow us down.

About TBASDX DevKit

The DevKit is the new way forward with VRChat development software.

Before people would always worry about being banned as we always modified the actual VRCSDK which did put users at risk, Now we go external to where VRChat can't ban our users as we're not modding their product.

With the fear of the ToS Violation bans out of the way we can now move foward with our work, There is nothing holding our project back as we are independent from the VRCSDK.

  • Always up to date
  • Functions independently
  • Safe to use
  • User Friendly
  • Self Updating

Don't worry about having to manually update!

With the new developments we've been able to make it possible to have the DevKit update itself with you needing to revisit the download page! While you can still do manual updates if you'd like we simply took that problem and fixed it so you can keep developing!

  • Updater built into the DevKit
  • Function with Any VRCSDK
  • Create what you want
  • Forget about limitations
  • Push your boundries

Never have to wait for us to update, Our DevKit is futureproofed, VRCSDK updates wont stop our kit from working, We no longer need to depend on such files.

Before it was really frustrating having to port all the scripts and tools to the new VRCSDK and by the time we were done VRChat had already pushed a new update to the official VRCSDK so we would have to basically start over. With an independent DevKit we're no longer held down by this issue as we can update anytime without having to worry about VRCSDK update deadlines.
Initially starting as The Black Arms SDX, it was a simple project I did in my free time. Now its taken a direction unlike any other where I can easily handle the task at hand. No more having to worry about people yelling at me about things that I'm already trying to fix as I don't need to constantly update. The DevKit is the simple solution I meant to do the entire time.
They're considered deprecated as I no longer develop modded VRCSDKs. While you can still use them I do not suggest it as they won't be getting updates unless its security related. I myself stopped using my modded VRCSDXs because they were too unstable to use anymore. The DevKit lets me bring all my tools and scripts with me without having to reimport a massive package.